The Helping Hands Project

Ya Wanna Help 


If you really do want to help.  Its extremely easy.  Just send us your used Bibles or Sunday School material.  Almost every one has an old Bible laying around the house not doing anything.  Maybe it has a broken binding, or pages missing.  Maybe the children marked it up or spilled water or juice on it.  Maybe its just plain old and wore out.  Maybe you just bought a new one with special features and the old one is just laying in a drawer  or on a shelf some where.

You don't want to throw it away, so it just lays around doing nothing but collecting dust.

Now there is a place for them.  Now they can be used.  Now they can do the job that was intended for them to do.  Just send them to us.  Along with any old Sunday School material, religious books, commentaries, and just about anything with the Word of God in it.  (See our 'What We Do' page)

We will also accept new Bibles.  There are Bible production companies that sell Bibles for one dollar each or even less.  You can also visit used furniture stores, Salvation Army thrift stores, or GoodWill Stores.  Many times they have old Bibles free just for the asking.  Yard sales are another source for used Bibles.

Another way to help is giving your used Sunday School literature.  If you attend Sunday School on a regular basis, then you know that after each quarter, the booklets are discarded and new ones take thier place.  Well, we can use these old booklets as well.  Literature from all age groups can be used.  Just gather them up and send them to us.   Biblical lessons in any form are greatly welcome.  All it takes is someone to just do it.

We will send these Bibles and Biblical literature to restricted nations around the world.  Nations where just naming the name of Christ could get you executed.  Just owning a Bible could get you locked up in prison.  Holding church services or passing out Bibles on the public streets is a prison sentence or death.

If you decide to help out those that suffer, then just box it up and mail it to us.  See our Contact Us page for addresses.  Tell your post master that these are 'Media Mail',  "Book Rate"  or "Library Rate"  and the mailing rates will be a whole lot cheaper. (Make sure that you only ship printed materials using the above rates.  They are only for this type of shipping.) 

You can send letters to Christian prisoners by using the links on our Restricted Nations page.  These links will take you to several places where you can write letters, send Bibles, help with food and medicine. is the one where you can write letters.  Instructions are there to help you.  There are other ways to help those who suffer located on our Restricted Nations page.  These avenues will help you get personally envolved.

If you have Gospel tapes, CD's, DVD's, we can certainly use these as well.  These will be sent to blind Christian schools and the Gospel can be learned this way.   Gospel music, teaching, preaching, and in any venue will be accepted.

If you are local, then we will take your used clothing or boxed and canned food.  Just make sure that the clothing is in wearable condition and the food has not passed the expiration date.  The health dept. has strict codes on donating food and some clothing apparel.  Such as underwear.  No used underwear.  Only new/packaged underwear will be accepted by the Amish community.  All others will simply be thrown away.

Almost everyone has a printer.  If you don't already recycle your ink cartridges, then please send them to us.  You can not send these items 'Media Mail', "Book Rate" or Library Rate".  But the amount spent on postage is well worth the effort when you are donating to someones well being.   The money generated from these items are sent to homeless shelters here in America and into other countries for the necessities of life.

We also collect old cell phones.  Almost everyone has one of these laying around.  Just send it and we will see that it gets to a deserving soldier. 

And last, but certainly not least, PRAY.  Pray for those who suffer.  Pray continually for those saints who are in prison.  Pray for those who are punished just for owning a Bible or being a Christian.  These dear people need us more now than ever.  And also, pray for us that we may continue on in the service of our Lord and in the service for those who suffer.


Millions are being persecuted everyday.  Many are tortured and killed.  Your help is needed now !


So, as you can see, there are many ways to help if you want.  But always, and this is a must.  Please pray and ask the Lord's direction before you start this or anything else.  Him and Him only should be guiding your footsteps. 


 May the Lord bless you always.




  Several people have asked me if they could copy some of the information on this web site. I said "Yes, Yes you can." In fact, anyone may share this information by regular mail, e-mail, airmail, oral conversation, whispers, megaphones, town cryers, billboards, gossip columns, social networking, carrier pigeons, pony express, smoke signals, telephone, television, telegraph, teletype, braille, sign language, placing messages in bottles, drum beats, books, CD's, DVD's, radio, hyrogliphics, dreams, visions, signs, symbols and of course mental telepathy for you New Age folks.