The Helping Hands Project


Working In The Harvest and Toiling in the Vineyard

Many people have asked me, 'how did you get started in your ministry'?  'Did you get a call from God'?  'Did you have a dream or a vision'?  What caused you to get into this wonderful work? 

Well, to answer truthfully to any of these questions, I would have to say NO.  None of these things.  i never had a call, a dream, a vision, a revelation, a burning bush or anything like that.  what I did was step out into the world and opened my eyes, and saw that the fields were ripe for harvest and I started working.  I saw a need, a job to be done, and I'm trying to fulfill that need with the best of my ability.  

I prayed and prayed and asked the Lord to give me a job to do.  And He did.  But first, He tested  my faithfulness, my patience and my endurance.  That doesn't mean that I passed all the tests that He gave me with flying colors.  It means I was so earnest and sincere with my want and my prayers,  that the Lord answered.

I want to say here, that God did not call my name and ask me to do this work.  And maybe it was Him leading me in this direction all along.  I really don't know.  I just saw a need and decided to fill that need. 

When the Lord sees that you are sincere about what you are going to do, He will bless it, regardless of what it is.  AS long as it is building His kingdom and brings glory and honor to Him.  And as long as it helps others.   But you have to be dedicated, devoted and enthusiastic.  You've got have a zeal and a desire to, first, please God, and second, to help others.  And your compassion has to be genuine.

The Lord is going to have to see that you mean what you say.  And that you are not going to give up or fold at the least little trial that comes along.  And believe me, He will test you and try you to the max.  But, I'm here to say, it's worth everything.  I have never loved anything more.  And I hope to do this till I die or the Lord comes. 

Some say, How did you know that this is what the Lord wanted you to do?  Well, I didn't.  I saw a simple need and I answered the need.  then one thing led to another and it happened, and low and behold, I have a ministry.  And other than my salvation, this is the greatest gift the Lord could've given me.

Some say, How will I know if the Lord calls me?  Well, I'm sure He calls everyone, it's just that most people are too busy with themselves that they don't hear or see the need.  They can't see past the man in the mirror to see or hear anything.  And this is one of the major rules, you've got to get past yourself.  Self will always get in the way of everything.  And by 'calling', I mean, He has a job for all to do.  And if you will let Him, His Spirit will lead and guide you in the right direction.

But, I do believe that the Lord calls everyone.  In these days of grace, He doesn't use prophets, He uses us.  Remember the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom at the crucifixion of Christ?  Meaning we can go to God anytime we want, and also He can come to us anytime He wants.  The door opens both ways.  So, we don't need to be called.  Just look around, there's lots to do.  The thing is, you just need to go and do it.  Get out of your comfort zone and take action.

This I say to you.  If you want to work in the harvest of the Lord, or toil in His vineyard, then just take a look around you at the condition of the world.  There is much that needs to be done.  Just pick something and do it.  But whatever you do, do it with a happy heart , with a sincere heart and with a faithful  heart.   Do it with all your heart.  Don't give up when the going gets rough.  And believe me, the going will get rough at times.

I equate this whole thing like a great big farm.  As you pass by, you see a very bad storm approaching.  This is the worst storm ever.  You notice that there is very few laborers in the fields and you wonder why.  But you know the owner, he is your best friend and you decide to help.  You really don't know what to do first, because there is a massive amount of work to do in every venue.

The wheat fields are ripe for cutting.  The corn fields are ready for shucking.  The personal garden is ready for harvesting.  The cattle needs to come in to the barn, along with the sheep and goats.  The grape vines are heavy with fruit.  There are clothes on the line that need to be brought in.  The tractor needs fixing in order to process the wheat and corn.  Places on the barn roof need repair.  The door was knocked off its hinges earlier in the week and that needs mending.  Inside the house, supper needs to be cooked.  Clothes need to ironed.  Floors need swept and mopped.  Dishes need to be done.  Grass needs to be cut.   Children need to be tended to. 

As you can see, there is a lot of things to do.  And this is the way it is in the Christian ministry programs.  There is lots and lots to do.  Everyone doing their small part makes the whole part very large and very effective.  I will give you a few suggestions if I may:

  • A neighbor is sick, maybe you can help out there.

  • Maybe you can volunteer  at the local missions.

  • Maybe you can clean the church on a regular basis.

  • You can cut the grass and keep up with the maintenance work at the church.

  • Pass out tracts on a busy local street corner.

  • Start a weekly prayer meeting or Bible study in your home.

  • Start a bus ministry and pick up people for Sunday School each Sunday.

  • Volunteer for Hospice.

  • Volunteer to read to the elderly in nursing homes.

  • Teach Sunday School or help out in the nursery.

  • Witness to your co-workers.

  • Live the life so your witness can be effective.

As you can see, there is lots to do.  And if you are faithful in the small things, the Lord will move you into the bigger things.  Just remember to be faithful, in whatever you do, and purpose  in your heart that you will never give up.

I am sure there are a lot of other things that can be done,  and I am sure you could probably add a lot more to this list.  Just remember,  I believe God 'calls' us all to work in His harvest or toil in His vineyard.  He just wants to make sure you're not going to quit at the first little notion.

Always remember to pray.  And pray earnest with a sincere and loving heart.  God will hear you and He will answer your prayer.  And there is another thing that you can do, 'become a prayer warrior'.  These are needed badly.

Another thing that can be done is letter writing.   Look thru out this site and you will find several web sites that let you write to Christian prisoners.  Also, you can be a protest writer to your Congressmen or Senators about bad laws that are being passed.

Thank you for reading this and God bless you always.  I hope this helps .  Drop by our contact page and let us know how you're doing.  We'd be glad to hear from you.

Bob McDaniel