The Helping Hands Project

What We Do 

  What we do is smuggle Bibles !


We collect Bibles.  Sunday School materials. Christian books of all kinds.  Hymnals, Bible study guides, Prayer books, Commentaries, Our Daily Breads, Open Windows, Upper Room booklets, Guideposts and Scripture booklets.  We will take anything that has a portion of Scripture on it.

We in turn send this material to a larger collection (distribution center) agency and they then send all materials to Christians in restricted nations.  Many, many times, this material has to be smuggled into  places where being a Christian is illegal.  Where being a Christian can cause imprisonment, torture or even death.  We are hearing of more stories like this all the time.  And more frequent as we get closer to the end.  And almost all, live in fear.  Of course, all of the smuggling is done undergound with Christians and Missionaries who actually beg and plead for any material they can get.  They offer thier lives to bring the Word of God to anyone who asks.

Many of these personal stories are so sensitive that we can not expose them here.

Not only are we a part of a larger organization, we too, have shipped Bibles and other Christian materials into restricted nations.  We do what we can when we receive a request.  We will check out every avenue to make sure that the receipent receives what they have asked for.

Open Doors with Brother Andrew, has determined that there are over 200 million Christians in the world that suffer some type of persecution for just believing in Christ.  And I believe that this number will increase as we get closer to the end of this present age.  For the love of many shall grow cold. 

Matthew 24:12  "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold".

I believe and without even a shadow of doubt, that the Lord is about to return and I believe that it is soon and a lot sooner than we think.

We also collect used and empty ink cartridges.  We send these to a recycling company and the money generated will go to a Christian homeless shelter.  To be used for housing, medical supplies, food and personal items.  Even if its just one cartridge, when added to all the others that are donated, it builds to a large number and therefore one is deffinately worth the effort.

Gospel cassettes, CD's and DVD's are another thing we need.  Anything with the Gospel message on it.  Hymns, preaching, teaching, movies and documentaries.  These items are sent to a blind Chrisitan school and other organizations like this and the Gospel is spread even to these. 

We also collect new and used blankets for the Voice of Martyrs 'Blankets of Love' program.  These blankets are sent to Sudan.  Millions in Sudan have been displaced because of wars and all types of terrorist uprisings.  They are living in the streets, in caves, card board boxes and where ever they can find a place that they deem as safe.  This is so sad. So very sad.

There are other organizations that are also involved with this cause.  They bring medicine, food, clothing and daily living supplies.  We decided to help with the blankets.

Locally, we collect clothing and shoes.  We partner with our local Amish community for this endeavor.  The clothing should be clean and as close to usable as possible.  The clothing is sorted, ( summer/winter ), the winter clothing is sent to Rumania, Russia, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia and the summer clothing is sent to Haiti and its surrounding islands. 

 Note:  The World Health Organization has determined that Haiti is the poorest nation on earth, (2013). 

The Amish commuity will mend, wash, replace buttons and zippers, box and bale these items and ship them at thier own expense.  No hats or purses.  ( New underwear only ).  this is a must.   Any hats, purses, or used underwear will be discarded according to the rules and regulations the Amish community have that govern thier system.

October of '2012 - I talked with our Amish community and they are litteraly begging for clothing.  The lady told me that the funding is there, they just don't have the clothing for shippment.  Please do what you can.  Please!!!

We also collect food.  This is taken to our local food bank or given to a friend or neighbor who has lost thier job due to this economy or who has just been down on thier luck.  We will not give food that has passed the expiration date. 

Another thing that we do is collect used cell phones for the 'Cell Phones for Soldiers' project.  These phones are stripped of thier original programming and re-programed with free attached minutes and then they are shipped overseas to a soldier to call home.  This is done free for them.

Jesus stated: "What so ever ye do unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me".  The book of Psalms states, "Will not God repay each man according to that which he has done". 

Cain asked God a very important question, "Am I my brothers keeper?".  And God has spent the last six thousand years trying to tell us, Yes, yes, yes, you are your bother's keepers.  Yes, you are supposed to help.  and yes, you are supposed to give.

As you can see, brothers and sisters, I believe we are to do what ever we can to help who ever we can and when ever we can.  I believe God expects this from each of us.  Actually, I believe He demands it.  God is not slack concerning His requests and His commands.  He wants us to help and to help with a good giving heart.  Never any griping or complaining.

So, as you can see, we have a major job ahead of us.  And we need your help in doing it. This is one thing that needs a collective group with one mind and one heart.  Because without you, our suporters, we can do nothing.  We need your prayers, we need your support and we need your materials.

Please pray for those who suffer, for they need us now more than ever.  Please help when ever you can.  The poor and the persecuted need to know that we care for them and that we understand what they are going thru.   Also please pray for us as well.  That we continue on in the service of our Lord and the service of those who suffer.

Somewhere in the world, a Christian is killed for his / her belief in Christ, every 5 seconds.  ( Jack Van Impe, 2013 )

God bless you and thank you.  And from those who can not speak for themselves, we thank you from the bottom or our hearts. 

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  Maranatha Lord Jesus, Maranath ( Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly ).

God First, Everyone else second, Me third!!!