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 Was I Born This Way


Well, it has finally come to this.  We now have to justify why we hate sin.  This is a very unpopular time to be a Christian in America or anywhere else in the world for that matter.  And this topic is going to be a major factor in who will be included on the 'haters' list. 

The 'haters' list: the non-conformists, the intolerant, the narrow-minded, the bigoted, the prejudiced and the fanatical.  The only group of people that fits all of the afore mentioned categories, in the Main Stream Media and in any of today's focus groups, is the Born Again Christian.   But this commentary is not about them.  This study is about whether gays and lesbians were born that way.

Many say its a choice.  Many say its not.  If a gay man chooses to be gay, how does he go against nature when nature demands he be straight?  If a lesbian girl chooses to be gay, how does she go against nature when nature demands that she be straight?  Were they straight at birth and then decided to turn?

So, I ask again, is it a choice?  And, if it is, how do they do it?

At what period in their childhood was the decision made to be gay or straight?  Was the moon extra bright that night?   Did mom or dad scold you more than usual when you were eight?  Did you get a memo in the mail?

What was the deciding factor?

Now, for those of you who think this is a choice, let me ask you to do me a favor.  Why don't you pick a day in the future and plan to be gay for that day.  Do you think you could change your sexual orientation for one day?  So, if this is, according to you, a choice, how do they do it for a life time?  How do they take one of the strongest compulsions, desires or emotions in the body and rebel against nature?

I, personally can't answer that.  I couldn't change my sexual orientation for a day.  Nor, would I want to.   I am basing this whole commentary on logic.  Just plain and simple logic.  And if you will bear with me for a little longer, I may be able to explain this further.

And I might say here, that I received no great revelation from God, no burning bush experience nor did I get the walking on the water experience.  I did no double or triple blind studies and there were no focus groups of any kind.  These are just my thoughts, based purely on logic and what I perceive to be logical reasoning.

Lets use an example of a brand new car.  Anything new would work here, but for our example, we will use the car.

When you first drive it off the show room floor, it is in perfect shape.  The new car smell, the paint and wax job glistening in the sunlight, the shining interior, the handling experience and everything else that goes with this.  You are almost terrified to drive it in public, afraid someone will ding it, or worse yet, crash into you.  For right now, all you want to do is get it home safely.  And you do.  But, as usual, time goes on.

Then one day, you see your first scratch.  its just a small one but you run to the auto store anyway to get repair products to fix the dreaded scratch.  Vowing to annihilate the person who put it there.  Over time, the car washes are less and less.  You get a flat tire.  The interior is not what it used to be, needs a little cleaning.  You notice a little age on the vehicle. 

Then a year has passed.   New models are coming out and your car is not longer new.  Everyone else is looking at the newer models.  Your car is now a has been.  It is now gradually wearing down.  You have replaced tires, brakes, wiper blades, and maybe an alternator or battery.

Are you getting my point?   Everything on this planet wears out.  It gets old and eventually it dies.  The point I'm trying to make is this.  Maybe its the same way with our DNA.  According to the Bible, we, man, has been on this earth for over 6,000 years.  A thousand generations, and generation after generation after generation beyond that.  Maybe, just maybe, over a very long period of time our DNA wears down as well.  Maybe it becomes weak and diluted.  Maybe over a period of time it becomes polluted with all kinds of junk that we put in there because of our lifestyles.

You might say, God created the DNA and it doesn't wear out.  Well, don't forget, God created Adam and Eve with his own two hands and they got old and died.  They wore out.  And maybe God designed it this way to start with.

Now, here is another piece of my puzzle.

Have you ever been around someone who has drank liquor or beer all night and the next day the hot sun is sweating it out of them.  Well, I have, and I have been one of them doing the sweating.  The alcohol is in every cell of your body.  And I believe its also in your sperm and in the egg.  Do you know what damage the alcohol is doing to the sperm or egg?  Has it diluted the effectiveness, or polluted the gene pool.  Look at the effectiveness of alcohol on a person's body.  Dizziness, incoherent,  unable to think correctly, unable to move correctly, unable to focus and you get the picture.  So, what about the sperm or egg.  They are affected as well, possibly in the same way.  Weakened and drunk.

How about the drugs that people are using now.  Anything for the next high.  Anything for the next super sexual experience.  Would you have any idea of what the drug is doing to the sperm or egg.  Has it killed something in there by diluting the effectiveness of the sperm or polluted the gene pool of the egg?

God gave man and woman the power of creation.  To create the next generation of humans.  And so forth after that.  It was man and woman that created the child.  God's only obligation is to put a soul in it.  The Book of Genesis say, 'he (God) breathed into man a living soul'.

Now, listen to me on this.  This doesn't mean you can blame your parents for every little thing that you may think is a defect, flaw, imperfection or weakness that you may have.  Your are still held accountable for everything you may think, do or say after you reach the age of accountability. 

So, for those who say, 'God made me this way', I say to you, No He didn't.  Your parents made you, inside and out, thru and thru, top to bottom, and they used what materials they had available.  Good or bad.  Sober or intoxicated. 

So, if we use the weakened and deteriorated DNA, then add alcohol induced sperm to a drug saturated egg, it is very possible that the child could be born gay.  What vital element or component in the sperm or egg was affected by the alcohol or drug?  What vital element or component in the sperm or egg was killed, changed or weakened, because of the alcohol or drug?

We all know that the mans sperm decides the sex of the child.  So, maybe his sperm was weakened, feeble, frail, and puny while it was saturated with alcohol or drugs.  Then the woman was on some kind of emotional, mind enhancing drug and it made her egg dominant over normal.  He, the man, under produced the testosterone, and the woman over produce the estrogen and therefore you have a very feminine boy.  Of course, this works with the girl as well.  Just opposite.  The fathers enhancing drug experience causes the his body to over saturate the female sperm with testosterone and the girl comes out being very manly.  With the gruff voice and extreme manly features.

Now lets add, a neglectful or abusive father to the boy, because he is feminine or an over baring dominating neglectful mother, because her career comes first.  The child is seeking attention from either parent and getting none.  With an already messed up gene pool, neglect or abuse, the child turns to whoever he/she feels comfortable with.

With the weakening of the code string of DNA and everything else thru out the past generations, that have been done to the helix, its hard  to tell what damage has been done to our bodies.

All of this together could certainly make a person gay.  Why does God make blind children, crippled children or retarded children?  God didn't make them.  A man and a woman made them.  Something went wrong in the gestation period.  Maybe a weak spot in the DNA.  Maybe polluted or diluted sperm or egg.  Maybe at conception the sperm or egg was saturated with alcohol or drugs.

And then you would say, but its no sin to be blind, crippled or diseased!   No, its not.  But it is if you act on the infirmity.  If you hate God because of the blindness, or hate God for being crippled or become extremely bitter because of the life threatening disease. It would be a great sin if you let this get in the way of your salvation. 

So, were you drunk or high on drugs when you had sex with your partner?  If so, then the sperm or egg is already compromised!!!  Something is going to happen with the child, we just don't know what.  And we may not find out for years to come.

And then there is  the compatibility issue.  There are blood types that can not mix.  Maybe just maybe, there are chromosomes and DNA that will not mix.  Maybe there is something, a type of poison, in the egg that will alter the outcome of the child.  Maybe there is something, a type of poison in the sperm that will alter the genetic growth of the new born child.  I am saying maybe there could be a million different types of mixtures that could affect the outcome of the birth and then later in the development of the child.    

Let's not forget the chemicals that are being added to our food on a daily basis.  Or the pollutants in our water and the chem trails in our air.  Also, the toxic waste dumps all over the country.  What about depression.  What does that exactly do to our bodies?   And last but not least, STRESS.  The stress factor plays a major roll in our health and who knows what it does to our gene pool.   

Add all of this stuff up. Its got to make a difference in the way we are born, or genetically made.  Do these things affect our gene pool?  I have no idea!  I just plain don't know!!!

I have no blind studies to compare or reference this with.  In fact I have no studies at all to base my theory on.  Just plain logic.  I have no college degrees or any papers at all to verify what I just said.  It is just my brain not on drugs or not on alcohol. 

I do know that scientist have tried for years to find, what they call, the gay gene, but unsuccessful.

And last, but not least, lets not forget the demonic influence on an already weakened psyche.  I won't say a person is demonically possessed, but I will say there is some demonic influence to those who do practice and live the gay life.

Now, if you add all of that up and mix it together, a person can have a pretty messed up gene pool.  And don't forget, this is all conjecture on my part. 

So, I say this.  Yes, I believe a person can be born gay.

Do I approve of the gay life style.  NO!  NO!  NO!  In no way would I ever accept this as normal.  But according to the 'Once saved - always saved', 'eternal security' crowd, all you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and you can live any way you want. 

This, I'm not sure about. 

So, I say its no sin to be born gay, but it is a sin to practice gay.  And I'm sure that this would be a very difficult thing to do.

But what I do know is this.  Jesus said in essence, 'let everyone grow together and I will separate them when I come'.  The book of Psalms states, King David speaking, " Will not God repay each man according to that which he has done".  I believe that there is a judgement day coming and each man will stand (kneel) before Christ and be judged according to that which he has done.  So, I ask this: " how have you grown in God's garden (grace)?  How will God repay you for what you have done"?  Will you be a wheat or a tare?  Will you have fruit or will you be barren?  Will your heavenly bank account be full with all of God's requirements?   Or will you be spiritually bankrupt?

Jesus has a 'treatment of others program that is the best in the world.  It is well worth the effort to check it out!!  In the Bible, Book of Matthew 22:35-40.  Also, did He not say, 'by my stripes ye are healed'?

These are definitely perilous times.  And the only absolute that we have is our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He and He alone has the answer to this and all other problems.  So, as far as the gay person goes, I will love them, pray for them, help them if they need it and certainly treat them like I would all others, with respect and kindness.  I'm in no position to judge them or condemn them.  If I take care of my own life, I have a full time job. 

Only Christ has earned the right to judge anyone!!!

So, I sum it all up this way:  If you are drunk or high on drugs, so is your brain, so is your body, so is your heart, so is your blood, so is your kidneys, so is your liver, and thereby, so is your sperm or egg.  (Simple logic).

I would like to say here that I agree with the scientists that there is no gay gene.  But let me give you a couple of examples that may help you understand me better. 

1.  Let's take a slice of bread for example.  Hold it up, it has strength, it has texture, it has form and function.  You can toast it, you can butter and jelly it, you can make a sandwich out of it many different ways,  This slice of bread is just a normal part of daily life. 

Now, If you take that slice of bread and lay it in a bowl of water.  What do you have?  You still have the slice of bread but its chemical make up has changed.  Its now diluted, polluted, and sopping wet.  Something was added to it to make it this way.  (Drugs and or Alcohol).  Now it can't function like it is supposed to do.

2. Lets look at a flat tire.  Its still a tire and a wheel but it is missing the air.  It can't function like it is suppose to.  Something has been taken away from the tire and it can not function normally.  The properties of the tire have changed.  

(and this is what I think may have happened at the conception of the child.  Because of the drugs and/or alcohol, and DNA pollution, dilution,  and let's not forget the stress factor,  something was added, changed, or removed in the sperm or the egg).     

And maybe, just maybe, God had something like this in mind when he had Moses write the following words, Exodus 34:7, 'the sins of the father are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation'.   

God bless you for reading my commentary, and if anyone wants to refute this, then by all means, do so.  Or if you just want to discuss it.   I'm on the 'Contact' page. 

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it.

Bob McDaniel 

PS, This can also be said of those who suffer with family diseases.  Cancer runs in my family, diabetes runs in my family, TB and other known diseases.  We could also use this type of scenario for those who are subject to crime and violence.  (Just a thought)  I am not trying to justify any ones sins or their lifestyles.   


I found the following article on the internet and thought it would be a good idea to post it here.  I have never heard of the two scientist that wrote the article.  Nor have I ever heard of the newspaper it was printed in. 

The New Atlantisdotcom

Study: No Proof That People Are Born Gay or Transgender


By Bill Hoffmann   |   Monday, 22 Aug 2016 03:09 PM


Two top Johns Hopkins University psychiatrists say there is insufficient evidence to conclude people are born with heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual attractions.

  • "The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically fixed property of human beings — the idea that people are 'born that way' — is not supported by scientific evidence," Drs. Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh conclude in their new study, "Sexuality and Gender."

    "While minor differences in the brain structures and brain activity between homosexual and heterosexual individuals have been identified … such neurobiological findings do not demonstrate whether [they] are innate or are the result of environmental and psychological factors."


    In addition, studies comparing brain structures of transgender and cisgender individuals demonstrate "weak correlations between brain structure and cross-gender identification" and do not provide any evidence for a neurobiological basis for cross-gender identification, they say.

    According to a recent estimate, about 0.6 percent of U.S. adults identify as a gender that does not correspond to their biological sex.

    Mayer is a scholar-in-residence at the Maryland school's psychiatry department and Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

    © 2016 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

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    My only reason for posting the first article about this, was that I do believe that a persons DNA can be affected by outside influences.  Now that I have found and posted the following article from The Independent Digital News Agency, I am well on my way of actually believing that I may be right after all.  Thank you for reading and if you want to discuss this, 'contact me on my contact page' and we'll discuss it further.  God bless.    Bob McDaniel 


    Child abuse leaves molecular ‘scars' in DNA of victims’ sperm, new study suggests    Independent Digital News Agency

    'We already know there are a lot of behavioural mechanisms by which trauma has negative effects on the next generation... This is another possible pathway'

    Scientists found that childhood abuse was linked with changes in DNA of victims' sperm ( Getty Images )


    Child abuse may leave marks that go even deeper than psychological trauma by physically etching itself into people’s DNA, according to a new Harvard study.

    Research based on a small sample of men found differences in chemical marks within the genetic code of those who have experienced abuse as children.

    The scientists examined a chemical process termed methylation in DNA from sperm samples, and found noticeable differences that appeared to distinguish victims and non-victims.

    Brain-boosting benefits of exercise 'are passed on through sperm'

    Not only do these findings suggest a long-term physical impact of trauma, the presence of these changes in sperm cells suggests its legacy may even be passed between generations.

    “We already know there are a lot of behavioural mechanisms by which trauma has negative effects on the next generation,” Harvard scientist Dr Andrea Roberts told The Independent.

    “Trauma obviously really affects the behaviour of people traumatised. It often makes them depressed, it gives them post-traumatic stress disorder, and those mental health conditions affect their parenting and affect the kids.

    “This is another possible pathway.”

    Methylation is a process by which a structure termed a methyl group is added to a strand of DNA, and it can act as a “dimmer switch” on genes.

    Though research into this process is still in its infancy, scientists think it is influenced by conditions such as life experiences and physical environment.

    While methylation marks on DNA have been described as “molecular scars” by some commentators, Dr Roberts said the truth is that the impact – positive or negative – of this process is still largely mysterious in humans. 

    However, extensive experiments in mice have suggested that when it strikes sperm cells methylation can transmit health problems to offspring.


    Air pollution is associated with poorer quality sperm, finds study

    “Some very good findings from mice have shown that early life stressors affect the marks on the sperm, and then in turn those affect the health of the offspring in particular creating a kind of anxious behaviour,” said Dr Roberts.

    In their sample of 34 men, all of which were taking part in a long-term study coordinated by Harvard's TH Chan School of Public Health, 22 had suffered some kind of abuse as children.

    Within those samples they identified 12 areas of DNA that had been consistently struck by some degree of methylation “dimming” in the abuse victims.

    If this effect is consistently seen in larger studies and can be explained in greater detail, the scientists suggest it could have practical applications in a legal setting

    "Methylation is starting to be viewed as a potentially useful tool in criminal investigations – for example, by providing investigators with an approximate age of a person who left behind a sample of their DNA," said Dr Michael Kobor of the University of British Columbia, senior author of the Translational Psychiatry study.

    "So it's conceivable that the correlations we found between methylation and child abuse might provide a percentage probability that abuse had occurred."

    However, this vision is still a long way from reality, and the process of conception adds further complications as it reshuffles lots of the fathers’ genetic material and potentially erases many of the changes that occurred previously.

    Dr Roberts said there is a need to replicate their findings, but described this as a step towards establishing a long-term impact of abuse that can transcend generations.

    Independent Digital News Agency


    And now the most damaging reason of all:

    What did Adam and Eve actually eat that corrupted the whole world and all it's generations?












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