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 This Will Make You Cry


As we all know, Nigeria is in a civil war, between Christians and muslims.   This story is probably the saddest story that  I've ever heard.  Please pray for the people of both sides.

There was about five or six hamlets scattered about in the jungles of a certain village.  Each hamlet contained about ten to fifteen huts and these collectively were considered to be a Christian village. 

One village, six hamlets and ten to fifteen huts per hamlet.  This makes up about 90 to 100 huts in this particular village.  Each family having approximately five to six children.  This will give us around 500 to 600 people per village.


 One night in the wee hours of the morning, a group of very radical muslims went into the village and rounded up all the professing Christians and their children.  The muslims had already prepared a place at the edge of the jungle for this most hideous crime.

They marched this group of people, about 200 to 300, for the rest of thing night until they came to this prepared place.  They tied all the parents and grown children, to the surrounding trees and poles and left the children to play, untied or unchained at the parents feet.  All day in the hot blazing sun, without food or water, the parents suffered beatings, torture and sever humiliation in front of their children.

All day the children begged for food and water and the parents also begged their captors to be able to help the children.  But to no avail.

When the sun started setting, the militants gathered up all the children and place them on several trucks.  There were about 50 below the age of 12.  They took the children to the center of the jungle and released them.  All night long you could hear the screaming and crying of the children and the night predators chased them and eventually killed them.  Many in the surrounding hamlets and villages said to the missionaries that they could the hear the children crying and screaming for their mothers and fathers as the animals, snakes and night stalkers killed them.

The parents also heard the screams all night long and they too cried and tormented thru the night.  Being totally exhausted and wore out from the nights activities, the parents were very sad that they had to hear their children being killed.

When the sun rose the next morning their captors returned to the parents and took knives and sliced across their bodies to bring as much blood to the surface as possible, but not to kill them.  They left the area and the day creatures. smelling the fresh blood, came and ate them alive.

This story was told to missionaries from the original hamlets and from the villages surrounding the jungle.  The missionaries appealed to the local governments, but for fear of their own lives, no one would step forward to testify.  And with the civil war going on, the government soon forgot it.

Please pray for everyone involved.