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The Rise of Homo Deus

The Rise of Homo Deus


From the booklet ‘Sapphires’, July 2017 issue.


Rabbi Jonathan Cahn




This article is written here in its entirety and nothing has been changed from the original posting in Sapphires booklet dated July 2017.    All credit is given to the author.  Rabbi Jonathan Cahn





Recently, historian Yuval Harari, speaking at the Carnegie council for Ethics in International Affairs, announced:  “It is very likely, within a century or two, Homo Sapiens, as we have known it for thousands of years, will disappear.  Not because, like in some Hollywood science fiction movies, the robots will come and kill us, but rather because we will use technology to upgrade ourselves…” Harari called this new being Homo Deus,” or the God Man.”


He was referring to a phenomenon that has been noted by man analysts, the increasing merger of man and machine.  The scenario has been exploring the realm of science fiction, from the television, “The Six Million Dollar Man”, to “Iron Man”, to” Robocop, and many more.


But more significant is the continual merging of humanity with technology in ways already affecting our lives.  We may not realize it, but this represents a joining of men and machine.  More and more people function through their cell phones, meaning, they function less and less without them.  Our generation is increasingly addicted to technology.


We are increasing our relinquishing decisions to computer.  Where we used to use our minds to figure out how to get from one destination to another, we increasingly rely on GPS’ systems, as our brains gradually lose the ability to do what our computes now do instead.  Thus, observers speculated that it is possible that day, computers will know more about our likes and dislikes than we do.   


There is more and more talk and efforts at merging computers parts to brains to increase intelligence and the implantation of chips in our bodies – a development that has the shadows of the mark of the beast in The Book of Revelation.   At the same time, we are increasingly developing the technology to modify our genetic code.  As man seeks to act as God, he recreates humanity – or destroys it. 


In the Book of Daniel, world history is presented in the manifesting of four creatures.  The last of the four represents the civilization of the end-time.  Its nature is described by the Hebrew word ‘shaneh’.  The word means ‘different’, ‘diverse’ or ‘altered’.  So, our end-time civilization is characterized by being different, altered, artificial, and unnatural.  In every way, from the redefinition of gender, and marriage, to the changing of the genetic code, and now, to this, we are altering the very nature of humanity and God’s creation.    And it’s all part of man trying to be God or the’ Homo Deus,’ the God man.  The irony is-the more man tries to be God, the less Godly he becomes, and the less human.  But we don’t look to a Homo Deus man trying to be God, we look to the God who became man.  And the more we live our lives in Him, and by His Spirit, the more powerful our lives become, more powerful than technology, and the more we ourselves become the person we were created by God to become.


Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Hope of the World Ministries

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To the reader:


I can fully relate to this, as probably could many others.  My wife, my three children and two of my grandchildren have cell phones and I don’t know any of their numbers.  I just touch the name on the screen, if I want to call or text them.  And that's pretty sad on my part. 


I also use my cell phone to check the weather, to do some banking and to get news highlights.   


Also, another thought, the article above could likewise be a precursor to the next evolutionary step.  “Cross Species Genetics”.   Which I think is underway in many think tanks and labs around the world any way.  (Spiderman is a good example of this).


These things are two of the things that brought about the destruction of the old world with Noah.  (Merging computers with our brains and other body parts and cross species genetics).


We really have become arrogant and narcissistic.  Thinking we can play or be God.  And there are some people who actually think they ARE God.   How sad, how very, very sad. 

This is truly the last days.  Maranatha Lord Jesus, Maranatha.   (Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly).



The following news article was posted on WND days after I posted this original article.  It verifies and compliments original article.   





Feds hire researchers to merge brains, computers

'Advanced interface will transform how people live and work'


Feds hire researchers to merge brains, computers

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The federal government has reached contract agreements with six entities, five research groups and a company for the Neural Engineering System Design program designed to merge human brains with computers, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Biological Technologies Office announced this week that the contracts – with Brown University, Columbia, the Seeing and Hearing Foundation, John B. Pierce Lab, Paradromics and Cal-Berkeley – focus on the next stage of a strategy to blend the human brain with hard drives and memory chips.

Justin Sanchez, director of the Biological Technologies office for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, said the organization has been pioneering “brain-machine interface technologies since the 1970s.”

Since the 2000s, when doors started opening for new capabilities, the agency has “invested hundreds of millions of dollars transitioning ‘neuroscience’ into ‘neurotechnology’ with a series of cumulatively more advanced research programs that expand the frontiers of what is possible in this enormously difficult domain.”

Sanchez said: “We’ve laid the groundwork for a future in which advanced brain interface technologies will transform how people live and work, and the agency will continue to operate at the forward edge of this space to understand how national security might be affected as new players and even more powerful technologies emerge.”

The current contracts seek “a high-resolution neural interface” that can be integrated into systems “able to support potential future therapies for sensory restoration.”

That means making the blind to see and the deaf to hear.

“Four of the teams will focus on vision and two will focus on aspects of hearing and speech,” the agency’s report said.

The aim is to create “an implantable system” that provides “precision communication between the brain and the digital world.”