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What I'd like to know is, who decides to walk around with someone and write down everything that person says?  What makes everything a certain person says so note worthy that everyone else should want to apply it their lives?   I can't think of a thing that I have ever said in my life that should be included in these pages.  Never-the-less, you will enjoy many of the quotes that are printed there. 

So, in saying all of that, I will say this:  I have invented the following quotes for prosperity.  Hope you enjoy.

 1.  God first, everyone else second, me third.

 2.  I am rebuking death, but so far, it's not working.  I still seem to be getting older.

 3.  I never really did care what Confucius had to say about anything.

 4.  Did Adam and Eve have a naval?

 5.  It's got to be a conspiracy.  There's no channel 1 on television. 

 6.  If you gossip to me about them, you will gossip to them about me.

 7.  What is love - but the essence of everything.

 8.  The cost of freedom can be seen at any VA hospital.

 9.  The price for freedom is paid in full by every soldier that has given his life.

10.  Friends are just people waiting in line to screw you - Enemies are the ones that already have.