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 The Cry For Bibles



This list compiled from the Bible Foundation


A pastor in Kenya, East Africa says that there are many people in the area that need English Bibles but most of them are so poor they can not buy one or even decent clothes.

A minister in Zambia wrote that thousands of people are responding in their crusades but they don't have Bibles. They want as many English Bibles as possible.

The president of a work in Trinidad and Tobago said they minister in Junior Colleges and hold seminars in churches. For a year and a half they have been trying to find American sources of used Bibles and want at least 200.

A thirteen year old boy with Muslim parents became a Christian and asked for a Bible and prayer that his parents may be delivered from the power of darkness.

A Ghana man shot his wife and her lover dead and was sentenced to death and became a Christian and was miraculously saved from the death squad. He wrote from prison asking for a Bible.

The pastor of a large work in Malawi wrote that thousands of people are asking for Scripture and he pleads for Bibles for them.

A young Ghana man wrote "I am on my knee's begging you to send me one of your Bibles."

A man in Tanzania said English is common and Bibles are needed.

A ministry in Nepal wrote and requested Bibles, saying the new generation would rather read the Bible in English.

A lady in the Philippines wrote that the Cebuano people are hungry for the word of God but most can't afford to purchase a Bible


English Bibles and Scripture portions are desperately needed and appreciated around the world as these quotes show.

"Why I am appealing to you again is that if you have some more Bibles, please send them to us. The ones which you sent to me, especially the Holy Bible (whole), was a drop in the ocean compared to many people that has completely nothing. However, I want to thank you personally for the vision God has given you to help the need with the Word of God." ZAMBIA

"I want to know more about Jesus teaching. I request you to please send a Bible to me. I want in English. I want to read it." INDIA

"I am a girl of seventeen years of age. Since I want to know more about Christ, I got in touch with one of your tracts which indeed inspired and has helped me a lot. So I will be very happy if you will please send me some of your tracts, as well as a Bible." GHANA

"Greetings to you from Myanmar. Many thanks for your gifts of Bibles which we just received. We are very grateful for your concern and love toward us in the name of our Lord." MYANMAR

"The Bibles I received were given to some first year Bible College students, to new members of our Sunday School and most of all to the prisoners in Cebu Provincial Jail. One of the faculty of a Bible Seminary had a prison ministry and they asked for Bibles and were so happy and thankful for it. This ministry is small but it has big accomplishments. Thank you." PHILIPPINES

"Thank God for supplying some of our needs through your foundation. Your English Bibles arrived at a time when we were in dying need of some Bibles for some new convert students." GHANA

"I was living in sin and I had a terrible automobile accident. I spent a month in hospital. It was there that I found your literature. I want to give my life to the Lord, but I need your help. The Lord saved my life and now I belong to Him, so I need some of your tracts and Bibles so that I can share it with my friends." GHANA

"Thank you so much for your recent gift of English Bibles. Though we have few English speaking Ukrainiens on staff, we were able to distribute the Bibles you sent to needy and grateful recipients." UKRAINE

"The above church once received tracts from your ministry for witnessing and it was very we are pleading on help us with the tracts as much as the ministry can afford for our evangelism work." GHANA

"In the Muslim areas in which we work, the Muslim hierarchy had organized an army of Muslims with an order to bring all Christian converts back into the fold of Mohammedism. This has resulted in severe persecution for many of the converts, so severe that their lives were threatened and their Bibles were burnt. Some were badly beaten and forced to leave their homes after all their personal possessions were confiscated because of the dynamic confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of the whole world before the Muslim teachers and leaders. Beloved Jerry Kingery, you have the Bibles which millions crave. You have the word which (the) Saviour gave, You have the truth which alone can save. Our solemn need now is to provide these dear converts, whose Bibles were burnt and personal belonging confiscated, with some boxes of Holy Bibles." NIGERIA

"I am a boy of 26 years old and was a pagan. But I have now seen the love and word of God, so I have decided to follow Him with all my life and surrender my life to Him...I have now stopped practicing bad behaviours and now I attend church. I...saw this tract entitled (1) "God is our Refuge" and (2) "The Lord Be Magnified" and I took it and read it to my understanding and I saw the address under it and I am writing to you to plead for a HOLY BIBLE." GHANA

"Thank you very much for the HOLY BIBLE. God will bless you and replace it for you where ever you took it from. Thanks once again, you are very kind." GHANA

"I am overwhelmed by your response in sending me the Bible. It has quenched my thirst for the Lord's word." INDIA

"I really appreciate what God is doing in your life and ministry for being able to send gospel materials to saints in all over the world especially in Nigeria. God's reward await you as you will continue in this work." NIGERIA

"Please have mercy on me and send me one Holy Bible." GHANA

"Thanks for the Bible Foundation Ministry that the Lord has entrusted into your leadership. Thanks for the vision you have at least to give used Bibles to those believers who have no Bibles. Keep on! We are supporting you by our daily prayers...Therefore as I have already mentioned in my first letter, we are displaced and most of us are refugees here in Uganda. We have lost almost all the necessary materials for our personal use and the Lord's work, due to the civil war in the Sudan. There is GREAT NEED of Bibles among the displaced people in the camps. Kindly we beg more used Bibles. People very much like the Word of God (Bibles)." UGANDA

"Thank you for the five (5) Holy Bibles that arrived at our end. It is true that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We must be fighters for the poor and the under privileged. Let us rise up to reach out (to) the peasant families in remote and inaccessible villages in rural communities. Five people got converted and were baptized last week. First class thief got converted and now under leadership training to go in for other thieves for the Lord.
Peasant farmer's students are serious confronting me for used Bibles. New converted women about 10 in number are also demanding for Bibles. Look when converted and can't get the Bible then it means our labouring is going back to square one. Help us to make the work over here effective. Let us change our filthy society. Ordained murder (executioner) is listening to Gospel daily and also demanded for Bible. The paramount chief also called on us for Bible. School children are eager to possess New Testaments for their daily study. Really there is a great need. Help us to populate heaven." GHANA

"I have written some letter to you long ago and you replied by sending me a Bible and some tracts which I gave (to) my friends. I apologize for not writing back to you or for replying the letter...I am helping a Christian brother in teaching the little children in church, but that brother has no Bible but he is the one that is responsible to teach the childrens addition to me, so I have given the Bible that you have send me to him. I would please be happy if you could send me one. I always share my books which contains the word of God to people...I am looking forward to receiving from you soon." GHANA

"Fourth week ago I have fast for 3 days and I ask God to give me a Holy Bible, so the moment I came across your address I thanked God so much." GHANA

"Firstly sir, I will like to thank you for your tract you publish entitled 'HIM GOD RAISED UP' which was gave to me by my friends. It tells me that when Christ died, He raise up again, and also say's through His name whosoever believed in Him shall (have) remission of sins. And this has touch my heart to write you to help me and my relatives and friends to have everlasting life." GHANA

"Sir, please I pray for you so that you will get more and give me more (Bibles). Sir, please when I write you and I ask you a Bible, you said I should borrow one from my friends, but all my friends do not have some of the Bible. They do not worship God. I am a Christian. I don't have any Bible." GHANA

"My friend wants to change from worship smaller god's to come to worship...our supreme God, so please try to send her (a) Bible." GHANA

"The greatest problem facing this class is lack of Holy Bibles...Out of 50 students in this class, only 3 have personal copies of Bibles." NIGERIA

"I was passing at the back of a certain house and I heard a very nice preaching about the words of God. I approached the one who own the Bible and he briefed me more about you and later gave me your mailing address." GHANA



The following two articles came from the monthly leaflet of World Ministry Press.

 "For the last 23 years I've been part of a team that brings thousands of WMP Scripture booklets and Bibles to the Chinese in the underground persecuted church of China.  Many times our team has divided into groups of four and gone out late at night with WMP booklets.  We were sent out into all parts of the city of 17 million people, where we placed hundreds of Scripture booklets.  When I first went to China, we were able to pass the booklets out in the middle of the day.  We were swamped with the Chinese circling us, reaching out for booklets.  Once they read the title, 'How to know God' they begged us for more.  The desire for God's Word is amazing."

In Bangladesh I met a man who had been a Muslim believer all his life of 40 plus years, yet he knew something was missing in his heart.  One day he was walking along and looked down and found a Scripture booklet and picked it up.  After reading it, he accepted Christ as His Savior.  Needless to say, his life has been completely turned around.

Many of the believers in Vietnam are persecuted.  Passing out  WMP Scripture booklets is wonderful way to reach even more souls than they could do one on one.  In Vietnam, they love WMP Scripture booklets and so do I.  What a privilege to volunteer at WMP and to be a part of sending out God's Word across the world.  ___Pat S. volunteer at WMP.


Individuals, churches, and groups are encouraged to help get Bibles and Scripture portions to hungry hearts everywhere.


 A missionary wrote to me several years ago with this plea: 

 "Send us Bibles, new, used, overruns, parts, pieces, mispelled words, ink spots, water spots, broken bindings, and in any version, we don't care.   We have souls coming to the Lord by the thousands and we have one Bible per 5,000 converts".

 Won't you please help now?



"Now I have Bible in my hand and I believe it is God's living words; I am so happy.  I would like to thank Lord and VOM, in Nepal.    This is our most precious gift in our life.  Thank you VOM for such a wonderful gift.  It is very difficult for us to buy Bible.  Now I have Bible and I can read Bible wherever and whenever". Nepal.      Michle Chepang, Bible recipient in Nepal.

VOM magazine, March 2013.


I received this email from a Pastor in Nigeria.  He was looking around on the computer and found our website.  Since then, he has been emailing me.   He has been requesting Bibles and I was able to send him 36 + 24 and this was his response when he got them.  Please pray for Pastor Bill and his congregation and pray for us as well, that we may be able to send him more Bibles.  

     ( I do not have a system in place to mail Bibles to other countries.  It is way to expensive and I, being a staff of one, just can't afford it. )


      Sent: Monday, May 30, 2016 4:41:46 AM
      Subject: need for MORE Bibles

It was wonderful receiving the Bibles you sent.

We freely distributed them among the new converts.  They were so happy and so

thankful to you.  One of the new converts, Brother Able, gave a testimony that since he gave

his life to Christ, he has not gotten an opportunity to have a personal copy of the Holy Bible.

And now God has done a great thing in his life by using you to send a copy of the Bible to him.

The new converts were so grateful for the Bibles that they took drums and trumpets, they sang

and danced around the whole village and market square testifying of the good thing you did for

them.  Other villagers come out from their houses and when they heard this testimony of a free

Bible they were amazed.  I wish you were here to witness this happiness.  These copies of the

Holy Bible has strengthened the faith of the brethren.  They have gone out to evangelize and

save the unsaved hearts to Christ.

 God is aware of the work you are doing for Him by helping those who could not afford a copy of

the Holy Bible for themselves.  I tell you this, your reward is near and bountiful, both in Heaven and

on earth.

 We love you so much and once again, thank you for the Bibles and please help with more Bibles,

since the Bibles you sent were not enough for total distribution among our saints.

Please email him at the email address above and encourage him and his congregation.  He would love to hear from you.


I received the following email, Easter week of 2018.  Please pray for Brother Matthew and his followers that they may continue on in the service of our Lord.  I sent this emailing to a Christian distribution center so that they could help him and his congregation.  

TEL. +233243961568

(posted on site 4/3/2018)