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Legacy of Contempt

President Barack Obama and his legacy of contempt for the Jewish people
16 examples of how our President became the most anti-Israel Chief Executive in U.S. History

1. The Obama Administration reverses Bush-era policy of declining to join the anti-Israel U.N. Human rights Council, even as they admit that the   Council "has devoted excessive attention to alleged abuses by Israel".

2.  In his famous Cairo speech, president Obama asserts that the State of Israel was formed only on the basis of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, and claims that Palestinians have been similarly victimized by Jews. " America will not turn our backs on legitimated Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity and state of their own," he declares.

3.  The president threatens to put daylight between the U.S. and Israel, and tells CNN that the U.S. would absolutely not approve of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

4.  President Obama tells the U.S. that "America does not accept the legitimacy of the continued Israeli settlements."   Vice President Biden soon rips into the Israelis for building bathrooms in Jerusalem, the eternal Jewish capital.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton then yells at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for nearly an hour, claiming that Israeli actions had 'harmed the bilateral relationship'.

5.  When Netanyahu visits the White House, Obama makes him leave via a side door.

6.  On a map, the Obama State Department labels Jerusalem, not a part of Israel.

7.  President Obama demands that Israeli concessions to the Palestinians be based on indefensible pre-1967 borders. 

8.  President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are caught on open microphone discussing Netanyahu.  Sarkozy: "I can't stand him; he's a liar."    Obama:  "You're tired of him?  What about me?  I have to deal with him every day."

9.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declares that Israel is moving in the 'opposite direction' of democracy.

10.  NBC News gains information from 'senior Obama administration officials' that damages Israel's ability to defend itself against Iran.

11.  When three Jewish teenagers (including and American) are kidnapped and murdered by Hamas, the Obama Administration calls on Israel for restraint, an says it will continue to work with he Palestinian unity government, which incudes the anti-Israel terrorist group Hamas.

12.  During a shooting war, President Obama personally steps in to a Defense Department matter and stops a weapons shipment to Israel.

13.  President Obama deploys his campaign team to try to defeat Netanyahu for re-election in Israel.

14.  When Speaker of the House John Boehner invites Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress, President Obama quickly announces he will not meet with Netanyahu.  

15.  Netanyahu wins.  President Obama refuses to place a congratulatory call until two days later.

16.  President Obama lies to the American people in order to force through a dangerous nuclear deal, putting Iran on clear path to nuclear weapons, and placing Israel at incredible risk.     

The above facts were made available and printed for the public by the following in a October 2016 newsletter: 

The American Center for Law and Justice
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