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Is God Real


A college class was led by an atheist professor, and every day he'd stand in front of his class and say,

 "Have you ever seen God?" to which nobody would answer. Then he'd ask, "Have you ever felt God?" and

nobody would answer. Finally he'd ask, "Have you ever heard God?" and, like the other times, nobody

would answer. He then would say, "It is obvious that there is no God."


And this went on day after day after day.

One day a Christian student had been having an extremely bad day; her car broke down, her mother was

sick, her boyfriend was out of town, and she'd gotten a bad grade on one of her exams, was just

fed up with her professor's little act every morning, so she decided to do something about it.


While the professor stood up at the beginning of class and his thing, the student had and idea.  She got up and said, "Professor, would you mind if I said something?" He said, "Of course not. This is an

expressive classroom, and I think it would be fine if you spoke your mind."

The girl said to the class, "Have you ever seen our professor's brain?" and nobody answered. Then she

asked, "Have you ever felt our professor's brain?" and nobody answered. Finally she asked, "Have you

ever heard our professor's brain?" and, like the other times, nobody answered.

She then said, "It is quite obvious that our professor has no brain."