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The following web site offers Free Giving.  Please visit this site and help those less fortunate.

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 Matthew 25:40  What so ever ye do unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.






A Note from Gary Wilkerson


As I look around it seems many Christians prefer cash down here to treasures up there.  I encourage you to lay up treasures in Heaven.  Give to the Lazarus at your gate; give to the hungry, hurting, lost and sick; give to the poor and the orphan.

At World Challenge we are blessed to have the twin opportunities of sending messages of encouragement to the body of Christ and sharing opportunities to  serve those whom Jesus calls "the least of these".  We can not all work among the poor, but we all can work together on behalf of the poor through our prayers and giving. 

Thank you for your heart and your love.  You are making a real difference in the lives of thousands.

With you in Christ

Gary Wilkerson





Divine Word Missions


Spring 2013


1. One third of all childhood deaths are caused by hunger.

2. Every 5 seconds, a child dies from a hunger related diseases

3. At this moment, as you read this, 870,000,000 people do not have enough food to eat.

4.  60 % of those who are hungry are women.

5.  One half of expectant mothers lack proper nutrition durning pregnancy.

6.  300,000 will die during child birth, they are simply to weak from hunger, to deliver thier baby.