The Helping Hands Project

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Please use the following address to send your donations.   Or use the following email address to contact us.  We will answer all enquiry's  that are in good taste.

The Helping Hands Project

P.O. Box 509

Crimora, VA.  24431

Please remember to mark your packages with the following - Media Mail, Library Rate or Book Rate.  Only if what you are sending is printed material.  You can not use these mailing methods if you are shipping ink cartridges, clothing or food. 

Cassettes, DVD's and CD's are considered printed material. ( Some post offices are accepting these as printed material and some are not.  I don't know why. )


Check with your local post office if you are not sure and they will give you instructions on mailing different items. 


Remember, we do not accept monetary donations. 

Thank you so very, very much for all you've done.

God First, Everyone else second, Me third!!!