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There have been many who have asked, 'Where is America in Biblical prophecy'?.  And there have been many prophetic preachers, evangelist, spiritual leaders and just plain laymen who have put their input on this most controversial of topics.

Before I get into the main article of this page, I will give my opinion as well.  So, please don't email me with how wrong I am or how right I am, its just an opinion.  My opinion.  I am no prophet, preacher, or visionary of any kind.  I have no special gifts, spiritual or otherwise. 


This is what I believe about America:

I believe we were put in place as the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, by God, for two reasons and two reasons only.

1.  To acknowledge and protect Israel until she can stand alone.

2.  To evangelize the world with the Word of God, and the salvation message of Jesus Christ.

I believe our country is done for.  I believe we have outlived our usefulness as a world power.  I love this country and fought to protect it, but we have really made some very bad mistakes and the following article should confirm it.  I believe our outcome is inevitable.  And we've done this to ourselves.   Bob McDaniel

Of course, I can always be wrong, but that is what I believe.  Now to get on with it.


( Posted on this site 6 -10 - 13 )

A Prophetic Manifesto: The Death of America

Dr. David R. ReaganWatch MP3 PDFBy

What is the Bible's end time message for America?

In the spring of 2012, I believe the Lord began to move on my heart with a very troubling message. I turned it over and over in my mind, and I wrestled with it in prayer. Finally, it burned so hot in my soul that I had to put it on paper. When I finished it, and it was published in June of 2012. I called it A Prophetic Manifesto, and I gave it this stark cover because it contained a very stark message

Since that time, it has gone through printing after printing, and literally tens of thousands of copies have been distributed to pastors all over this nation.

Over the course of the next two weeks, I want to share with you the message of the Manifesto, and I'd like to begin by reading the introduction.

This booklet is titled, A Prophetic Manifesto, not A Prophecy Manifesto. The difference is important. My purpose is not to present a prophecy given to me by God. I have no such prophecy. My purpose is to share some sobering truths that are based on prophecies which God gave to biblical prophets thousands of years ago. They are also based on principles the Bible reveals about how God deals with nations.

You are probably not going to like what this manifesto has to say. Throughout history, people have always demanded prophetic voices who would assure them that all is well between them and God. They have desired what the Bible calls "pillow prophets." And there have always been spiritual leaders who have been more than willing to tickle people's ears by telling them what they want to hear. I don't like having to say what I am going to express in this Manifesto. But, I believe it must be said. It is the duty of a watchman on the wall to shout an alarm when it is appropriate. And the time is certainly appropriate here in America for a shout of warning.

The Death of America

Dr. Reagan: The first part of the Manifesto is titled, "The Death of America." Here's what I wrote.

America is finished. We as a nation have turned our back on God. We have kicked Him out of our schools and out of the public arena. We have declared Him to be off-limits. We have given the boot to the very One who made us great and showered us with blessings. We are in the process of becoming a thoroughly secular and pagan nation. And in the process, we are courting the wrath of God.

Think about it. Since 1973, we have murdered our babies in their mothers' wombs at the rate of 4,000 a day, totaling nearly 60 million, and their blood cries out for vengeance.

We consume more than one-half of all the illegal drugs produced in the world, yet we constitute only 5% of the world's population.

We spend $2.8 billion dollars per year on Internet pornography, which is more than half the world total of $4.9 billion.

Our rate of cohabiting partners has increased tenfold since 1960, totaling over 12 million unmarried partners today.

Our divorce rate is the highest of any nation in the world.

Forty percent of our children are born to unmarried women.

We spend over $100 billion per year on gambling.

Our number one drug problem is alcohol, producing over 17.6 million adults who are alcoholics or who have alcohol problems.

Our nation has become a debt junkie, leading the world in both government debt and personal debt.

Blasphemy of God's name, His Word, and His Son has become commonplace in our media.

We are the moral polluter of planet earth through the distribution of our immoral, violent and blasphemous television programs and movies.

We have forsaken the nation of Israel, demanding that they surrender their heartland and divide their capital city.

We have become a nation that calls good evil and evil good. And we are paying the price:

Our schools have become arenas of deadly violence.

Our prison population is increasing exponentially, from 500,000 in 1980 to over 2.5 million today. Over 7.2 million of our people are under some form of correctional supervision.

Over 1.5 million of our women are reported victims of domestic violence each year, and it is estimated that the majority of cases are never reported.

We are currently averaging over 3 million child abuse cases each year, involving 6 million children.

We experience more than 12 million crimes every year, more than any other nation in the world.

Teen violence has increased exponentially, with youngsters killing each other over tennis shoes.

Gangs are terrorizing our cities.

Even the nicest of our neighborhoods are no longer safe, requiring us to protect our homes with security systems and weapons.

Our money is becoming increasingly worthless.

Our economy is being choked to death by a pile of debt that is beyond comprehension.

Our major corporations and labor unions are in bondage to greed.

Our society has become deeply divided, splintered among competing groups defined by racial, religious and economic factors.

Our families are being destroyed by an epidemic of divorce.

Our entertainment industry consists of vulgarians amusing barbarians.

One of our fastest growing businesses is the pagan practice of tattooing and body piercing.

Our universities and media outlets are controlled by radical leftists who hold God in contempt.

Our federal government has become top-heavy with bureaucrats who are insensitive to taxpayers.

Our politicians have become more concerned with power than service.

All levels of government have become increasingly oppressive, seeking to regulate every aspect of our lives.

Taxation has become confiscatory in nature.

Our legal system has been hijacked by activists who desire to impose their will on the people, regardless of what the people desire.

Our freedom of speech is being threatened by "hate crime" legislation.

Our forms of sports are becoming increasingly violent, reminiscent of the gladiators of ancient Rome.

Our society has become star-stuck, more interested in celebrities than people of integrity.

Our churches are caught up in an epidemic of apostasy as they set aside the Word of God in an effort to cozy up to the world and gain its approval.

We are experiencing one major natural disaster after another in unprecedented volume and ferocity.

We have become afflicted with a plague of sexual perversion, producing an army of hard core militant homosexuals.

In summary, we are a people who have become desensitized to sin, and in the process, we have forgotten how to blush.