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Another View of the Rapture

We have heard through-out our lifetime the story of the Rapture.  We have heard that one day Jesus would come for His Bride (His true church) and that those of us who are saved and ready to go would be caught up to Heaven to be with Him.  We were told that this would be an instantaneous event and that we would just disappear from the planet in a moment in the twinkling of an eye.  We were led to believe that our children would be going with us and that, in many cases, our family and friends would see us go. 
We are told of stories about planes falling from the sky because the pilot was raptured.  Cars running off cliffs because the driver has been raptured.  Trains derailing because the engineer has been raptured.  I'm sure you're getting the point. 
Now, I am not saying that this is wrong, but what I want to do here is offer a different theory that could possibly be true and could possibly happen concerning this most  controversial of events. 
I'm not going to get into a debate about whether the Rapture is true or not true or whether it is pre, mid, or post tribulation because  I totally believe in the pre-tribulation Rapture event.  It's HOW its going to happen is the topic of this commentary.  And I do hope to offer some new insight on this. 
First, we are going to lay down some foundation.  But, please, before you turn away or reject my theory, hear me out to the end.  You may be surprised. 
And so, we begin:
I believe that we are in the last days.  I believe that we in the final hours of the last days.  And if this is true then this event will lend a lot of credibility to my theory.  Nevertheless, I do believe that we are at the end of the age and all we have to do to prove this is to look at Matthew 24, Mark 13, or Luke 21.  All the signs are pointing to the end and the biggest sign of all is the Nation of Israel.
But Israel is not the topic of this commentary.  I just used Israel as a point of reference to show that we are in the final hours.
Let's just say, for the sake of arguing that the conspiracy theorists are right.  Lets say that the governments of the world are led by one group of insiders known as the Illuminati.   Let us say that the banking system is also a one world institution.    And the religious system, we already know is almost completely Catholic dominated. 
If all this is true, and I believe it is, then the Anti-Christ is right around the corner. 
As we look around our country, we can see a whole lot of closed military bases.  I have evidence that these military bases are going to be used as deterrent camps and they are fully staffed with guards, prison personnel and stocked with food, medicine, and what ever is needed for a prisoner.  (See this site, web page "Patriotic", links, 'Concentration Camps in America', 'Guillotines in the USA', and 'Guillotines in Boxcars'.)  These closed bases have been surrounded with barbed wire, with the top pointing in, to keep people inside the compound.  Not pointed out, like normal, to keep people out.
When I joined the Army, I had to take an oath to protect this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I never knew until now who a domestic enemy was.  I believe the domestic enemy is going to be the Born Again Christian.  The main theme for todays world is 'tolerance'.  We have to accept everyone's religious doctrine as truth.  We have to accept everyone's life style, including gays, and we have to accept all government laws as 'good for the people'. We are never to question authoritative figures such as politicians, police officers, or medical professionals.   
We, who are true believers in Christ know that we can never accept other religious doctrines, gay lifestyles, including marriage or corrupt government officials.  The laws are slowly turning the born again believer into 'haters' of society and they, the normal population, want us removed.  Our very presence, being filled with the Holy Spirit, convicts them of their sins, and they can't stand it.     
All over the world, the Christian is persecuted, tortured or killed.  This very website and ministry is totally dedicated to them.  And I believe the persecution is coming here, to America.  We are no longer a major player in the world.  We are morally bankrupt.  And I believe God is fed up with us.  I believe His judgment is coming to this country and I believe it is going to be very soon.  
So, I believe that in this country, the Christian will be roiunded up and taken to one of these camps.  We will be taken 'out of the way' of society and the rest of the population will believe that the government is taking care of us.  We are safe from harm and danger.  When in reality, we will be persecuted, tortured and possibly killed.  And of course, all of this will be done in secret.   
It is while we are locked away from the rest of the world that I believe we will be Raptured.  The rest of the world is not going to know what is going on inside the camps anyway.  They will be told lies, just like the liberal media does now.  Persecution and death is going on all over the world now, and they are not reporting any of it.   And if the Rapture takes place while we are inside of the closed camps, then who will know about it?  The rest of the world, including our loved ones who have accepted the NWO, will think we are being taken care of.   They will never know that we have been taken.  They will never know that we are gone.  They will continue to pay the taxes to keep us housed and fed, and the government officials will never admit that we have been taken.  This would prove that the Bible was right all along, and of course the Bible and its concepts are what the world is trying to get rid of all along.  (Did not Jesus say, 'your enemies will be those of your own household')? 
So, to sum it all up.  I believe we, the born again Christian, will be taken away to one of these concentration camps, or re-education camps, and there we will be systematically and methodically, persecuted, beaten, tortured and possibly even killed.  Then I believe that the rest of those of us who are living will be Raptured up, and taken to be with the Lord.   I do believe its very possible that the Rapture will be done without a lot of fan fare.  I believe it could be a silent, or secret Rapture.  The rest of the world will not know anything about it.   (The rest of the world's Christian population will go thru the same thing as our country, or maybe even worse.  They all may be just tortured andkilled for their belief).
And that's my theory.    
Thanks for reading this commentary.  And, once again, I'm not saying any of this is true. I'm just saying that it is possible that it all could happen this way. 
May the Lord bless you and keep you always.  And please look around on this site to see what's going on in the world and if you can, please help.  We have but a very short time left.

Bob McDaniel