The Helping Hands Project

About Us 


Picture taken in summer of 2011. 


Thru out this site you will see the statement,

'We Do Not Accept Monetary Donations'.

First and foremost, we did not want people to think we were in this for the money.  We are not!   We fund this ministry ourselves.

Next, we did not want to get caught up in the IRS's 501c tax exempt status for churches.  We do not want the IRS or any part of Uncle Sam in our business.  They don't have a very good track record as it is.  Take a good look at our economy.

Finally, we did not want to be held accountable for other people's money.  If we were to get a different vehicle or buy a major appliance, there would be those who would say, 'you did that with the money we sent'.

Because of the three reasons above, we decided to fund this ministry ourselves.  That is until we are no longer able to do so.

So, until then,

 We do not accept monetary donations.

We will send you a thank you note for your contributions, but we can not send a receipt for taxes. 

(Explinations above!!!) 


That good looking couple to the left is us.  Bob and Linda McDaniel.  We started The Helping Hands Project in 1996 after much prayer.  We knew there was a job for us to do, but we just couldn't find it.  We knew that just helping out around the church wasn't enough.  We knew that God had something planned for us and I guess we just had to wait on it.  But as usual, we were impatient.  Finally, it came.  And boy did it come with a bang.

We couldn't have imagined that the Lord would have led us in this direction. From a small pit mining town in the mountains of Virginia to world evangelism.

We couldn't have imagined that He would have blessed this ministry the way it has been blessed.  From the 1st Bible to the numbers on our Donations page.

It really is true.  One thing led to another and another and another, then wah-lah we have a world wide ministry.  Only God could have done this.  So, He gets all the praise, honor and glory for this and for all things in our lives. 

We have been married 44 years this September 2016.  First marriage for both. We have three children and five grand-children.

We have attended Full Gospel churches, Four Square Gospel churches, Brethren, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Mennonite and Church of Gods.  Its not that we can't find anything suitable, but we are uniters, and feel that the bride of Christ is everywhere and we like to keep the doors of communication open at all times.  ( We have also attended Jewish Temples for Passover and other jewish services ).

Linda is a college graduate with a degree in nursing.  I served three years in the Army, two of which were in Vietnam.  She works at a Doctors office, and I work as a welder/quality tech/inspector at a local factory.   We fund this ministry with the overtime that I work. 

We have three children and five grandchildren.  All brought up in the Christian environment.  All seem to well adjusted and although they do not particapate in our project, prayers are still forth going.

We also have one dog (Bossy)  and one cat (Mimi).

There is really not much more to say about us that is worthy of public scrutiny

I would like to say here that we do not believe in the prosperity gospel that is being preached all over the world at this time.  We feel like that this false teaching is a 'fleecing of the flock'.  We feel that this doctrine is wrong and we feel that many of the TV - evangelists will answer with shamed faces at thier judgement.

These men and women are living in very expensive homes, wearing the latest fashions, donning gold, silver and fancy jewelry, and jet setting all over the world at our expense.

With the economy in the shape its it, I wonder if they are giving back to thier parishoners who have lost thier jobs, thier homes or thier self esteem.  These would be the same parishoners that donated to them in the first place.   I think not. . 

However, we would like to say, that we are in this to the end or to the place where we can't do it anymore, because of health problems, lack of funding, or just plain old age.

We ask for your prayers, that the Lord will keep us in His will till His return. May the Lord bless you always.

More about this prosperity gospel doctrine on our Commentary page.