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A Trip to China

A Wonderful Trip to China

This story is true, the names were changed to protect those involved.

Bill, a technical advisor (computer whiz) was asked to go to China to help the Chinese develop software and links to several businesses that America and China were merging together.   He agreed, filled out the necessary travel papers and started packing for his trip.

When he asked his church to pray for him and his trip, they came up with a brilliant idea.  Since they were supporting a missionary in China, why don’t we, instead of putting clothes in the suite cases, fill them with Chinese Bibles.  They explained to their traveling brother that the Chinese people were the same size as Americans and he could buy clothes there for the duration of the stay and for the trip home.  Everyone agreed and the idea was set in motion.

The church elders contacted their missionary in China and told him of their plan, and everything  was set in motion.

Upon arrival at the Chinese customs station, Bill noticed that something was very wrong.  The customs agents were very cruel.  Hitting travelers with riding crops, slapping some in the face and even some were being arrested.  Bill got very scared.

“What in the world am I going to do?” Bill said to himself.  “I am carrying two suite cases full of Bibles; surely I will be going to jail”.   “Oh my, oh my, oh my”.  “What am I going to do?”

Bill started sweating severely.  Going to a Chinese prison was not a good thing.  And Bill became very tense and frightened, calling out to God, under his breath.  “Please Lord, please help me thru this.”   “Oh God please help me, please”.   He would lose his job, his family and he would be put in a Chinese prison , only God knows for how long.  “Why did I even agree to this?”  “WHY!!!”  He said with panic in his voice.

The cruelty of the customs agents were getting worse the closer he got to the counter.  Bill thought about just turning around and leaving the line of travelers, but he knew that would cause suspicion.  And then it could be worse.

Finally it came.  His turn to put his luggage on the counter for the customs agents to inspect.    As soon as he lifted his luggage to the counter, a buzzer rang out, very loud.  The current customs agents left and new ones came on.  It was shift change.

They looked at Bill and said, ‘OK, you finished, move on.”   Bill couldn’t believe his ears.  All the doubt that he had in God melted away.    All the uncertainty and mistrust was gone and he was almost in tears.  ‘Why did I doubt you’, he said to God.  ‘Why’?  He quietly and without hesitation removed his two suite cases from the counter and hurried out the door to a waiting cab.

He found his hotel room and settled in.  He met his contact, whose name was Kim, and they went to some local stores for Bill to buy some clothes and of course Kim had to act as an interpreter for him.  They went back to the hotel and prayed together and Bill asked God for forgiveness for the doubt he had and then the he and Kim had some supper and Bill then went to bed while Kim left for the evening.

Along about two or three in the morning, Bill was awakened by Kim and they sneaked out of the hotel and around the city with two suite cases of Bibles headed out to a place only Kim knew.  Once more Bill was afraid.  But his time he trusted in the Lord for his safety.

They reached the destination, somewhere in the middle of the desert and there was another contact waiting for them with a campfire going.  Once Bill got to the fire he could see that this was not a desert at all but a clearing in the middle of the jungle.   All around the edge of the clearing he could see coming from the wooded areas, small lights and torches.  And this time Bill got extremely apprehensive.  Once again he began to sweat. 

“Relax,” said Kim.  “These are our people”, he said with confidence.  “They are here for the Bibles.”  (Bill found out later that there were over a thousand of them.   The also had come out to see the stranger)

Kim took the two suite cases and laying them on the ground, opened them and started removing the Bibles.  Immediately he began to rip the covers from them and toss them into the fire.  Bill looked on in astonishment.   Then Kim began ripping the Bibles into pieces and that’s when Bill spoke up.  “What in the world are you doing”, he said angrily.  “I just risked my life to bring them here now you are tearing them apart”. 

Kim stood up and calmly took Bill by the arm and quieted him down.  “We can’t thank you enough for what you have done and what you went thru to get these Bibles to us.  But you only brought us two hundred and we need two million.  I am breaking these apart to give each person a little portion and when they finish reading what they have, they will trade it with someone else and soon they will have read the entire Bible.”  “They will go to their respective villages and the Word of God will be taught and read by thousands that have never had a copy of God’s Word.

Bill understood and was relieved that all was going according to plan, well according to Kim’s plan.  He knew what he was doing and he showed an extreme amount of confidence and grace thru this whole ordeal.

The locals soon started drifting back into the jungle with tears of joy on their faces and they were huddled into groups with the utmost assurance that their lives would be richly enhanced and blessed.  They finally had a Bible.  The very Word of God that they have been waiting for, for so long.

As Bill and Kim stood by the fire talking with the leader of one of the small villages, an old man came up to them and spoke very softly to Kim.  He held out his hand and Bill saw a crumpled piece of paper fall out of his hand onto Kim’s.   Kim reached down and took a Bible and ripped the cover from it and tossed it into the fire.  Then he searched thru the Bible and selectively removed a portion and gave it to the old man.   Kim then turned to Bill and said, “He has asked for a whole copy of the book of John.  He has been reading one page from the book of John for twenty years and wondered if he could have the entire book”. 

Tears came to my eyes at this loving old man and the patience that he showed for twenty years made me feel very petty and small.  What a valuable lesson I that learned there in the middle of the jungles of China.  A valuable lesson indeed.

The old man walked away crying.  He finally got a whole copy of the book of John.  He couldn’t have been happier.

Kim took Bill back to his hotel room and eventually he came home.  Anything that he did for the business side of his trip paled in comparison to the night jungle visit with his suffering brothers and sisters.   It is his fondest memory.  And he continually prays for them with the zeal of a lost brother.


Wouldn't it be great if we here in America were as zealous about Bible reading as our brothers and sisters are in this story?  We seem to take everything for granted and get extremely lackadaisical when it comes to reading the Word of God or praying.  I do believe that soon we may be facing the same persecution that others around the world are facing now.  I guess then, and only then will we turn whole heartledly to God!

Thanks for reading this.

Bob McDaniel