The Helping Hands Project


A Sparkle In The Air

Dear Friends in Christ

As I begin to write this commentary today, I am not exactly sure of what I am going to say.  A thousand thoughts race through my mind, and I, like everyone else, have thoughts of, 'What is tomorrow going to bring?'

We live from day to day in these uncertain times and our spirit grows worried, anxious, nervous, frightened, and deeply concerned, as our economic infrastructure teeters on the verge of collapse.  Our governments are at their wits end on how to lead,  and our moral fiber is all but gone.

The governments of the world struggle to find answers to the growing crime statistics, to the food shortages, to the incurable diseases, to over population, and many more international catastrophes, such as weird weather disasters, and the failure of humanity to live by God's 'treatment of others program', as war, and war and more war is waged everywhere around the globe.

Our thoughts race from family member to family member, from friend to friend, from acquaintance to acquaintance and we wonder, sometimes out loud, 'how are we going to survive'?

I commented earlier about our uncertain times.  Well, there is one certainty that we can count on.  And that is the strength of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He and He alone is able to get us thru tomorrow.  He and He alone can fix our economic problems.  He and He alone can lead our governments and end our immorality.

We must never fail to pray.  We must never fail to look to Christ for our strength, our answers, and our comfort.  God is still in control.  It is He who is able to do all things.  We must always put our faith and trust in Him totally.

And since our ministry is based exclusively on the poor and the persecuted Christians of this world, let this letter serve as a reminder to always pray for them.  God's grace and mercy is more than sufficient to strengthen them as well.  For, it is they who suffer the most and they need us now more than ever.

We must always keep their names and their plight before the Lord at all times.

We get cards, letters and e-mails from around the world from these brothers and sisters and their suffering, their tears, and their crying can actually be felt through the words that they write.  Their suffering can break your heart, as story after story is contemplated, reflected on and mulled over time and time again.  And many times I cry out, 'Oh Lord, how much longer?'

So, I guess the purpose of this letter is revealing after all.  And that is to convey to everyone to pray.  So, please continue to pray for those who suffer.  Please continue to pray for those who are tortured and are denied the basics of life.   Please continue to pray for those who need encouragement.  And of course, none the least, but please continue to pray for the families of those who have given their lives for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  These need our strength more than ever so that their own faith doesn't grow weak.

Please pray for us here at the Helping Hands Project as well, that we may continue on in the service of these and the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray for each other that we may strengthen the body of Christ in these last days of Grace.  This is the time of unity like no other.  This is the time for forgiveness.  This is the time of Yom Kippur, (the Day of Atonement).  This is the time for encouraging one another.

Every day we should take inventory of our lives.  Keep what is good, and ask the Lord to help us toss out that which is bad.  That which does not belong.  That which hinders the Body of Christ.  That which destroys our focus on righteousness. 

Each day that passes, each blink of the eye, every second, every minute, I think, this is it.  The Lord is about to return.  There is such an urgency about everything now.  And something is about to happen.  Nothing else crosses my mind like this.  It's like there is a sparkle in the air.  And it's like I have a duty to remind everyone to pray.  Pray without ceasing.  Be earnest in your prayers.  The sparkle reminds me to encourage everyone, and to always keep our hearts and minds on Christ and Christ alone.

Maybe you can ask your church to have special prayer meetings for the suffering Body of Christ.  I can not state it enough, prayer gives us strength.  It keeps the lines of communication open between us and our Lord.   It unifies the Body of Christ.  Please lift your voices unto the Lord and seek Him with all your heart and soul.

The Apostle Paul said in 1 Thess.  5:17, 'Pray without ceasing'.

We must pray for Israel as well.  For Psalms 122:6 says, 'Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for they may prosper that love thee'.

Thank you dear friends for your time and also, please continue in the Word as well, the Lord is about to make His appearance and we must be ready.  We must be laboring in His harvest and toiling in His vineyard when He does come.  The urgency is so great.  He must find us going about our Fathers business, when He does return.

Thank you so much.

We give God the glory, honor, praise and thanks for this and for all things.

In the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

God bless you.  We are now one day closer.


Bob McDaniel

The Helping Hands Project

P.O. Box 509

Crimora, VA.  24431